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Firefly Generative AI: Free in Adobe Express for Enhanced Design


Firefly Generative AI Available for Free in Adobe Express

Adobe Express is expanding its suite with tools powered by artificial intelligence. This competitor to Canva, formerly known as Adobe Spark, allows users to embellish PDFs, as well as create illustrations and videos for social media platforms. The service is accessible for free online, making it easy for users to try Adobe's powerful AI, named Firefly.

Adobe Express.
Several of Adobe’s in-house AI tools have been in testing within Express since June. Notable among these is an image generator based on textual input (similar to DALL-E / Stable Diffusion), and a feature that allows users to create their own font styles. For instance, users can request a font composed of flowers or balloons. While there is a wide array of functions, some features will remain exclusive to Photoshop, such as the one that invents what happens outside of an image.

Adobe's AI now understands French, which is a significant advantage for this ultra-accessible platform. The images and content created can be used commercially, as Adobe's AI has been trained solely on company-owned content. These updates are available through browsers and will be "coming soon" to mobile apps.

Adobe Express Keeps Up with the Generative AI Trend through Firefly

Adobe Express also includes a plethora of tools, such as the ability to quickly remove the background of an image or create videos for Instagram/TikTok. Various templates are available for inspiration, along with tools to convert files or generate QR Codes. A paid subscription is offered at €11.99 per month, providing additional graphic resources and access to the entire Adobe Stock image library.

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