midjourney Vary (Region) inpainting feature image editing

Introducing Midjourney's Vary (Region): A Deep Dive into the Revolutionary Inpainting Feature


Unveiling a Game-Changing Image Editing Tool

Midjourney presents its latest innovation: the Vary (Region) feature. Imagine adding earrings to a pre-existing image of a person – that's the power of this tool. This groundbreaking inpainting feature, Vary (Region), has been launched by Midjourney to redefine image editing.

Once you upscale an image, you'll notice the Vary (Region) option alongside the familiar Vary (Strong) and Vary (Subtle) buttons.

For optimal inpainting outcomes, it's advised to utilize the /remix mode. Activate this mode by typing /remix and deactivate it by typing /remix again.

Essential Insights on Vary (Region):

1.Upon selecting the Vary (Region) option, an intuitive editor emerges, enabling users to pinpoint specific image areas for inpainting.

2.Users have the flexibility to mark one or multiple regions with the Rectangle and Lasso tools.

3.For precision, start by marking a broader area with the Rectangle tool and then fine-tune the edges using the Lasso tool.

4.The editor currently lacks a “subtract” function.

5.An Undo button is conveniently located on the editor's top left. If you wish to deselect a chosen area, simply click on it.

6.If the inpainting doesn't meet your expectations, you can always reroll for alternative results.

7.The Vary (Region) feature excels when applied to larger image sections, typically between 20% to 50%.
However, smaller regions, even below 20%, can also yield impressive results, as demonstrated by the earrings in the featured image.

8.While Vary (Region) addresses numerous inpainting challenges, there are instances where Vary (Subtle) might be a better choice.

9.For best results, ensure that your prompt modifications align with the existing image context. For instance, adding a hat to a character is more congruent than placing a dolphin in a forest setting.

10.While the Vary (Region) tool can serve as a versatile inpainting system, users might occasionally find the system resisting their creative intentions.

11.When combining Vary (Region) with Remix Mode, the system considers parameters like:

With Midjourney's Vary (Region), the future of image editing looks brighter and more innovative than ever. Dive in and explore the endless possibilities!

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