FAQ - How it works

How does the image generation algorithm work?

The algorithm uses the selected tags to create an image based on various parameters such as image quality, image ratio, prompt weight, and the use of an existing image as a base. Certain image generation algorithms are marked with a badge and are only accessible via premium subscription.

How much does it cost to use this product?

Basic usage is free, but some features are only available with premium subscriptions.

How do I choose the tags?

You can choose tags from different categories. For some categories, it is possible to select multiple tags. However, be careful not to choose too many tags, as the AI may have difficulty interpreting your request. It is therefore important to try different choices.

How to remove a selected tag?

You can remove a tag by clicking on it again or accessing the list of selected tags at the bottom of the page and clicking on the tag you wish to remove.

What is the Super Tag feature and how does it work?

The Super Tag feature, currently in beta, is designed to elevate your creations by allowing you to add special tags that shape and enhance your images. When you choose a Super Tag, our system uses it to refine the details and precision of your image, bringing your vision to life in a unique way. Please be aware that, since this is a beta feature, Super Tags may not always function perfectly with all models. We are actively working to improve this feature and appreciate your patience during this process.

How do I use the Remix function?

The remix function allows you to use an existing image as a base for the generation of a new image. You can use the remix function by clicking on the remix button on the image preview page. You can also use the remix function by selecting the remix option in the image generation settings.